For more than 25 years we supply the market with high quality Plastic Pipes for several solutions and all the available dimensions

Drainage Pipes 

Perforated Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipes suitable for drainage

Corrugated Double Wall HDPE and PP Pipes  for Sewer Systems

HDPE and PP Double Structured Wall Pipes, in accordance with Standard EN13476. They are suitable for non-pressure Sewer and Drainage systems. They are available in sizes up to 1200 mm (DN / OD 1200). HDPE pipes  are available in SN 4-8KN / m (resistance to deformation) while PP pipes are available in SN16 KN / m. The main advantages of those pipes are:

  • Lightweight and flexibility
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Total tightness for gasses and vapors
  • High resistance to weathering and UV-rays alterations
  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals and bacteriological
  • Insensitivity to low temperatures

Corrugated Double Wall HDPE pipes for cable protection 

HDPE Double Wall Pipes, in accordance with EN50086 and EN61386 Standards, for the passage and underground protection of low voltage electrical cables, telephone cables and telecommunication systems. Available in rolls from 40mm – 200mm at 450N while 6m straingt pipes are available at 110mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm with 750N resistance

HDPE PE100 pipes for pressure systems

They are manufactured according to EN 12201 Standard and are suitable for pressure systems. They are widely used in irrigation systems, water supply systems, drainage and Sewage systems as well as in industrial applications due to their high chemical resistance. They can be placed underground, above the ground and also in the water.



Christakis Kyriakou
Electrical Engineer