Health and Safety Policy

A&E Stylianou Technochimiki attaches great importance to safety and health at work and has set the goal of its continuous improvement, always taking into account the employees, associates and any third parties who may be affected by its work. To achieve the above goal, A&E Stylianou Technochimiki has designed and implemented an occupational safety and health management system in accordance with the Laws and Regulations on Occupational Safety and Health.

To achieve this goal, A&E Stylianou Technochimiki has set the following goals:

  • Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment and eliminating conditions that could lead to activities with a negligible potential for adverse effects
  • Planning and execution of all tasks giving priority and great importance to the Safety and Health of employees, partners and other stakeholders so that it carries out all its activities without any accidents
  • Full compliance with relevant legislation
  • Continuous training, development of competence and evaluation of staff in the use of machinery and equipment, in the use of chemicals and in the manual handling of cargo and its continuous awareness in matters of Safety and Health at work.
  • Conduct risk assessment studies for decision making in prevention and protection measures
  • Provision of all necessary equipment to all staff , information and training to carry out their work without any accidents
  • Making available to staff and any third party deemed necessary, all the necessary means of personal protection and their training in their use, storage and maintenance

At A&E Stylianou Technochimiki all staff has the responsibility to take all necessary measures and precautions for the safety and health of themselves and any other persons who may be affected by the operations of the company.

The Management of A&E Stylianou Technochimiki is responsible for reporting accidents, occupational diseases and dangerous events that occur in its workplaces.

Compliance with the Laws and Regulations on Occupational Safety and Health is expected to lead to:

  • The quick identification and prevention of risks
  • The correct information and training of the employees
  • Developing and maintaining the mentality that the safety and health of workers is a top priority

The policy of A&E Stylianou Technochimiki is available to all interested parties and is constantly monitored so that it remains relevant and appropriate for the business.

Stelios Stylianou