Waste Treatment Plant in Pentakomo

Location: Pentakomo, Waste Treatment Plant

Project Owner: Municipality of Limassol

Contractor: JV- Medcon-Miltiades Neophytou – Loizos Iordanous

Capacity: Approximately 1,260,000m3 of residues

The cell has an area of ​​about 45000 m2 and has been initially covered with Geosynthetic layer GCL 5Kg / m2, then with waterproofing Membrane HDPE 2 mm thick and for membrane prodection Geotextile 500g / m2 was also placed. We finished the installation of geosynthetics and membrane in 8 working days. The purpose of the cell is the collection of residues of the processes resulting from the Household Waste Treatment Facilities.