Restoration of Tersefanou old Landfill

Location: Tersefanou Old Landfill

Project Owner: Ministry of Interior

Contractor: JV- Medcon-Miltiades Neophytou – Loizos Iordanous

Cell Surface: Approximately 145000 m2

The cell has an area of ​​about 145000 m2 and a volume of garbage covered 1661000 m3. The slopes have been covered with a biogas collection drainage layer then with a GCL Geosynthetic layer 5Kg / m2, followed by a rainwater collection drainage layer and a final layer of a Geotextile 300g / m2 .The same procedure was followed on the plate but above the GCL was also placed a waterproof HDPE Membrane 1.5 mm thick and covered an area of 35000 m2. The purpose of the project was the restoration of uncontrolled and semi-uncontrolled landfills and the reduction of methane production from these sites.